Albion Basin

Albion Basin – Alta

One of the most renown wildflower locations along the Wasatch, Albion Basin is located at the top of glacially-carved Little Cottonwood Canyon. Residing above the ski resorts of Alta and Snowbird, it sits at over 9,500 feet in elevation. During the summer months of July and August, visitors are drawn to this magical place due to its spectacular wildflower displays, recreation, and wildlife viewing. This area is one of Salt Lake City’s recreational hubs because it offers some of the best skiing, hiking,

bike riding, tram rides, camping, and wildlife viewing in the state of Utah – all within 15 miles of downtown Salt Lake City.

Some of the best attractions of the area include Cecret Lake (sometimes spelled Secret Lake), Catherine’s Pass, Devil’s Castle, Germania Pass, and Upper Albion Meadows Trail – the best place to see the wildflower displays. If you’re ever in the area in July or August, this is an attraction not to be missed!

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