Rory Wallwork

Rory Wallwork

A few words about Rory:

Rory Wallwork is a completely self-taught, award-winning photographer. He was born and raised in Northern Utah. Beginning at a young age, he has always enjoyed photography, but for a long time was never serious about it. He started black-and-white photography in junior high, which gave him the opportunity to learn traditional film photography and classic darkroom techniques.

It wasn’t until he stumbled into a landscape photographer’s gallery in Las Vegas nearly a decade later that he became quite intrigued with the possibilities. All his life he had been completely surrounded by a variety of beautiful landscapes to which Utah is host. “I had never really ‘seen’ what was here. Once I began to look, I became more and more interested in capturing and sharing these incredible places with others. I have relied solely on personal experience, trial and error, and the inspiration of others to get me where I am today.”

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